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Class Production/Use Levels in ManagePLUS™

Revised: 10/28/2004

One of the main benefits of ManagePLUS is that it can provide reports of enterprise (Class) information on a per-unit-of-production basis. In other words, your reports can show things like:

  Herbicide cost per acre of corn
  Repair cost per hour of combine operation
  Protein supplement cost per beef cow

(For examples of reports containing such information, see this ManagePLUS news release.)

Entering Production & Use for Your Classes

To do this ManagePLUS must know the number of units of production for your various profit-center enterprises (or the number of units of use in the case of cost-center enterprises). Supplying this information is an easy, two-step process:

  1. Import your QuickBooks Class list into ManagePLUS.
    This is done by menu commands provided in ManagePLUS.

  2. Enter production (or use) quantities for the imported Classes.
    ManagePLUS provides a Class editing window for this purpose.

Here's a portion of the Class editing window in ManagePLUS.

Here, you may enter the number of acres, head, etc., of production for any Classes you choose. By the way, you're not required to enter anything for any Class.

Notice the Use on Reports column (with selections highlighted in green, above). This is where you choose which Classes will be included in ManagePLUS reports. Buttons at the top of the window let you quickly choose all Classes, no Classes, or specific Class levels.

Also, when you include several Classes in a ManagePLUS report all Class detail is provided within the width of a single page of paper. (Compare with the QuickBooks Profit & Loss by Class report.)

"But I don't use Classes!"...

If you don't use Classes but you do identify some enterprises in the QuickBooks Accounts list (probably as subaccounts of some main accounts), ManagePLUS accommodates your needs too!

The same means of identifying production and use levels that's possible for Classes, can also be done for individual Accounts.

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