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FormCalc for QuickBooks   Downloads

To try FormCalc, download the installation program (fcsetup.exe) by clicking on the Download Now button below, then run fcsetup.exe to install FormCalc on your computer.

  • You are getting the complete FormCalc program, not a demo.
  • FormCalc will work in "trial mode" for up to 30 days.
  • After that time you must purchase a FormCalc license to continue using it, which gets you a User ID and Registration Code to "unlock" FormCalc and continue using it.

Registered users have free access to all minor-version updates and bug fixes for a year from the date of purchase (and often longer). You may download and run the FormCalc installer, below, at any time to update to the current version. A fee may be charged for major-version upgrades, but at a reduced price for registered users.

FormCalc for QuickBooks


  Download Now  


File:  fcsetup.exe - 4.4 mb

Supported operating systems:
Windows 98 and later versions, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 2003 Server.

Supported QuickBooks versions:
All QuickBooks for Windows editions, including
Simple Start, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, as 
well as well as most older versions.
FormCalc works with most U.S. and non-U.S. versions of QuickBooks.

System requirements:
Memory: FormCalc works within the same memory requirement as your installed version of QuickBooks.
Disk space: 4 mb.

Recent changes...
Version Date Changes 2014.4.8

Fixed a QuickBooks form navigation error experienced had in specific circumstances, when Group items with multi-line Descriptions were being used on the QuickBooks form. 2013.7.11

Instead of auto-saving FormCalc data, added a prompt to allow users to choose whether or not to save data changes. This addresses the problem some users experienced, in which FormCalc saved an "empty" data file in some instances when layout data had not changed. 2013.2.14

Added full compatibility for Windows 8. This required switching to a new license management system, so prior-version license codes will not work with this version. If your license was purchased within the prior year, email us to request a new code, free of charge. If your license is more than one year old you must purchase an upgrade, here. 2013.1.5

Changed calculation approaches to fix transient calculation errors being experienced by some users, especially on QuickBooks 2013. 2012.11.5

Updated support for QuickBooks 2013, due to QuickBooks form changes which resulted in the error message "The Description column number...appears wrong for this form." 2012.10.13

Updated support for newer form features (i.e., QuickBooks 2012 and 2013), such as the Prog. Cols. form customization options. Fixed minor bugs. Improved FormCalc's reliability when working at faster speeds (smaller Keystroke Delay values). If you are a licensed user of a prior version, your current license codes will not work with this or later updates.

  • If you purchased FormCalc within one year prior to of today, email Customer Service to obtain new license code.
  • If you purchased more than one year ago, visit our Online Ordering page to purchase an upgrade and obtain new license code(s). 2012.09.04 Fixed a folder permissions problem, which prevented FormCalc from writing log files and, in some cases, from saving changes in Layouts and Actions. 2012.08.21 Fixed a problem with font resizing, encountered on some systems. Updated the location where FormCalc writes log files to be more broadly compatible. 2011.02.28 Fixed a problem with movement on QuickBooks forms, which prevented FormCalc from processing more than one line of the form. It only occurred if the last column being written to by FormCalc was the Quantity column and the Item on that form line had multiple units of measure enabled. (This problem was rarely encountered.)
... ... ...revision details archived... 2006.02.15 First commercial release.

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