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ManagePLUSArchived Revision History...

This list only shows archived (older) changes. Recent changes are shown on the ManagePLUS downloads page .

Version Date Changes/Comments 2012.11.24 Fixed a problem with Mgmt. Qty. B allocation calculations. 2012.07.25 Fixed a problem with unbalanced transactions being sent to QuickBooks. Fixed a cents rounding problem whichcaused some transactions to allocate 1 or 2 cents too much or too little. Improved use of the '=' key in the AllocatedOUT dialog:  now pressing '=' updates the current line's percentage, to make the total percentage for all lines exactly 100%. 2012.05.03 Fallback to version functionality, due to a problem with version 2012.05.03 Minor update to reduce rounding error differencesbetween ManagePLUS Gold allocation amounts and the allocation transactions which get sent to QuickBooks. 2012.05.03 Fixed a bug which caused newly-added accounting periodsto sometimes fail to include all user data of the copied-from period. 2012.04.30 Help system changes only:   Added a tutorialabout copying/reusing allocation formulas when creating a new accounting period. 2012.04.21 Added the ability to display management quantity columns in the Profit and Loss report. 2012.03.17 Fixed a calculation error which appeared under certain circumstances in the Profit Analysis report (ManagePLUS Gold ). 2012.03.08 Added the ability to customize text output in the Memo field of allocation transactions created by ManagePLUS Gold. Fixed an Access Violation which could occur when switching tabs while editing data. 2012.02.22 This release is a significant feature upgrade! Added the ability to send overheadallocation transactions from ManagePLUS Gold to QuickBooks withjust a click, and to delete them from QuickBooks with a single click as well. Added automatic management of allocationaccounts in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts:  ManagePLUSGold automatically creates Other Expense type accounts in QuickBooks, to support the allocation transactions you send. Significant improvements in the Profit Analysis report, with enhancedformatting, better detail about the source and destination of allocations, etc. Added filtering by class to all Profit and Loss-type reports. Numerous enhancements includebetter use of color in report elements, improved ManagementQuantity statistics in Profit Analysis reports, bug fixes, and more. Breaking change:   Units of Measure are nowstored on a per-company basis. (Sorry, you'll have to type them in again.) 2012.01.11 Fixed "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error. 2011.08.30 First public release of version 3.0, including the new Gold version features. Renamed "Indirect (from children)" column to "Indirect (from sublevels)" for improved user comprehension of intent. Minor Help system changes . 2011.08.02 Fixed AV error when switching to Classes tab under certain conditions(fmClass.pas, ln 454). Updated the HaulRiteTrucking.QBW QuickBooks sample company file which is installed with ManagePLUS. 2011.07.22 Fixed "Can't focus disabled window error". Fixed application titlebar text for ManagePLUS Gold version. 2011.07.17 Fixed (added) display of account numbers in Transactions tab. Fixed (added) display of account numbers in Allocation column dialogs. Significantly improved speed of column-click sorting in the Transactions tab (3+ times faster for some column types!). Fixed an error which occurred when invoking the Allocated OUT dialog. Fixed a problem with the sign (+/-) of income/expense amounts in the Transactions tab, when transactions were grouped vs. ungrouped. Fixed an Access Violation (crash) which occurred when restoring report tabs during opening of a different company file. 2011.07.12 Fixed a major bug that occurred while updating/refreshing the Chart of Accounts list. Added calls to close the Codesite Dispatcher during exception (fatalerror) handling and shutdown. This should allow ManagePLUS to bereinstalled after such a shutdown, without requiring a restart of Windows. Fixed a bug that prevented the Open Company dialog from beingredisplayed after the prior session's open company file couldn't be found during startup. Added the ability to access debugging log settings during programstartup. 2011.07.06 First public test release of ManagePLUS version 3 .
... ... ...details of intervening releases have been removed. 2/8/2008

First public test release of version 2.


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