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FormCalc SST for QuickBooks  


  FormCalc SST Installer
  FormCalc SST User's Guide (printable .PDF file)

FormCalc SST Installer

Click on the Download Now button below, to download the installation program, sstsetup.exe. Then run it to install FormCalc SST on your computer. The program will operate in free trial mode for 30 days, before asking you to purchase a software license to continue using it.

Registered users have free access to all minor-version updates and bug fixes for a year from the date of purchase (and often longer). You may download and run the FormCalc SST installer at any time to update to the current version. A fee may be charged for major-version upgrades, but at a reduced price for registered users.


  Download Now  


File:  sstsetup.exe - 12 mb

(See Recent Changes below for the current version number.)

For QuickBooks versions:

U.S., Canadian, UK, and Australian versions: 
FormCalc SST is designed to work with all editions of QuickBooks for Windows, including Simple Start, Basic, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise; both U.S. and non-U.S. versions...and even older versions such as QuickBooks 99.
Operating systems:  Windows XP and later versions, including Vista, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 7, Windows 8.
System requirements:  Same computer requirements as for QuickBooks, plus 20 MB disk space for FormCalc SST files.

Recent changes...
Version Date Changes 2016.6.30

Updated the security certificate to Microsoft's new SHA-256 standard. 2016.3.10

Added a Preference setting for longer DownArrow keystroke handling (required on some computer systems for QuickBooks Enterprise 2016 and presumably other/later editions). Enhanced speed of writing results to QuickBooks (i.e., to the Invoice, etc.). 2015.11.18

Fixed a problem that occurred during FormCalc SST startup if the program had been closed while minimized to the Taskbar (the main window would briefly flash, then disappear and be unavailable). Updated core error handling features: simplified the error message window and made emailing error reports to technical support easier and more bulletproof. 2015.10.29

Fixed a problem with navigating between rows when SST formulas changed the QuickBooks Quantity column (did not affect most users). Added some new diagnostic features. 2015.9.3

Fixed support for the Credit Memo form (Credit Note in some QuickBooks versions) which had caused field positioning to fail on that form when FormCalc SST was restarted. 2015.3.7

New version 2!

Prior-version license codes will not work with this new version. If your license was purchased within the past year, email us to request a new code, free of charge. If your license is more than a year old you must purchase an upgrade, here, to use this version.

Added support for Microsoft's UI Automation framework, which lets FormCalc SST communicate with QuickBooks more quickly. Many users can run with a smaller Keystroke Delay value, for a noticeable speed improvement.

Optimized Keystroke Delay handling, improving processing speed and reliability.

Improved detection of a missing Customer Message (or Vendor Message) field on the target QuickBooks form.

Added direct access to Preferences by putting a Preferences button on the main toolbar.

Fixed an error which could happen when trying to start a second instance of the FormCalc SST program and resulted in a cryptic error message.

Fixed a problem which occurred when invoking FormCalc SST calculations in QuickBooks if the Getting Started window had been the most recent active window. (This caused a return to FormCalc SST from QuickBooks, without processing any calculations.)

Fixed a problem had which caused the main window not to restore to the same size and position as when it had most recently was closed.

Fixed a problem which could cause the active cell in FormCalc SST's spreadsheet to appear "lost" in certain conditions, because it moved onto a hidden row after the Enter key was pressed.

Fixed a problem which could cause the active cell of FormCalc SST's spreadsheet to jump downward several rows after closing the Format dialog. 2014.12.29

Fixed a problem with calculating the sum of an item detail column from a header or footer field. 2014.7.17

Feature addition: formulas in the Formulas (Detail) area can now reference "all prior detail rows" during calculations, just as Item-triggered formulas have always been able to do. This adds considerable new formula flexibility without having to use Item-triggered formulas. 2014.7.2

Minor feature addition to let FormCalc SST work with the Build Assemblies form in QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 and later versions. (This feature does not work with Pro or Premier editions.) 2014.6.26

Minor fix to prevent erroneous display of the "No Snapshot has been taken yet..." message when a Snapshot actually had been taken for the current file. (This problem occurred only under very rare conditions.) 2014.5.1

Minor fix for a "user debugging build" message which appeared in the release. 2014.4.25

Update to work with UK QuickBooks Credit Notes. 2014.4.8

Fixed a QuickBooks form navigation error experienced in specific circumstances, when Group items with multi-line Descriptions were being used on the QuickBooks form. 2014.2.17 New version, many improvements:
  • Switched to using .SSF as the filename extension for data files, to work better with file services like DropBox.
  • New feature:  send results to QuickBooks as mixed fractions. For example, a result of 2.5 can be sent as "2-1/2" (two and one-half).
  • New Help menu item: data folder locations.
  • New File menu item:  recent files list.
  • Fixed up vs. down state of Show/hide formulas button and moved it nearer other "show/hide" buttons.
  • Fixed AV error which occurred after formatting cells and/or when saving data files.
  • Corrected operation of the Use commas format override.
  • Improved the Format dialog.
  • Help system additions. 2013.12.24 Fixed a problem with taking snapshots on Sales Order and Purchase Order forms. 2013.12.09 First commercial release.

FormCalc SST User's Guide


  Download Now  



File:  sst_users_guide.pdf - 7 mb

This file contains copyrighted material, Flagship Technologies, Inc., 1997 - 2013. All rights reserved.

This User's Guide is a .PDF file version of the FormCalc SST Help system. But unlike the Help system this file is designed for printing, so it's the file you should have if you want to print out a copy of the FormCalc SST Help system.


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