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Default Forum Rules & Expected Behavior

We provide these forums with the goal of promoting a free flow of information while at the same time keeping the discussion environment comfortable for everyone. To do this, we require that everyone follow our basic rules of behavior and online etiquette when posting messages.

We DON'T allow:
  • Spam.
  • Foul or offensive language, comments, or content in messages and uploaded attachments.
  • Flaming, baiting, or nasty attitudes.
  • Unnecessarily quoting the entire message you're replying to. Besides being lazy; this wastes the connection time and bandwidth of other users, as well as storage space on our server.
  • Off-topic (OT) messages. Message topics should be relevant to the forum's description.
  • Message posts or signatures which blatantly advertise a product or service without directly addressing another member's question or problem.
If you see an objectionable post anywhere in the forums, you'll find a link below it which lets you report it to a moderator.
We DO allow:
  • Message signatures which include contact information such as your email address, Web site, phone number, etc.
    (Just don't make them too long, and don't make them read like an advertisement.)
An alternative to listing contact information in your messages is to send and receive messages to/from other members via the forums' Private Messaging feature.
  • You may mention your or others' products or services in message posts...so long as it's not "blatant advertising" as mentioned earlier.
Here's the Litmus test: If your post directly addresses someone's question and is tailored as a personal response (that is, it's not a "boilerplate" reply), we will probably allow it.
Our response to violations of our policies will be:
  • Things the moderators believe are inappropriate will be deleted or edited.
  • Members who abuse their privileges usually will be warned at least once; repeat or intentional offenders will be banned.
If you have any questions about our forums' policies, please send email to support@goflagship.com .

Disclaimer: Information and opinions found in these forums are not necessarily those of Flagship Technologies, Inc. You assume ALL RISK in interpreting and using the information you find here. When in doubt, seek the advice of a competent professional in matters such as accounting, law, and taxes.
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