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Default Calculating Amount changes the Rate column!

[Duplicated from email support]

Hi GoFlagShip Support,

I'm a QuickBooks ProAdvisor working with a lighting & grip customer and I'm trying to show them that your product will work for calculating their invoice, but the formula doesn't seem to work properly.

Our goal is to be able to have a Qty column multiplied by the Rate which would then be multiplied by the Days custom field in order to give us a total Amount per Invoice line item. Our FormCalc SST formula calculates the Amount column from the other columns this way:

Qty * Days * Rate ==> Amount

However, when we integrate the formula into QB, it changes the Rate of each item, rather than keeping the Rate what QB says it should be and what was listed in the FormCalc SST snapshot.

Can you assist us?

David G.
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Default Re: Calculating Amount changes the Rate column!

[Duplicated from email support]


You've run into the fact that QuickBooks always automatically maintains this relationship: Quantity * Rate = Amount. So when you change the Amount with your FormCalc SST formula, QuickBooks responds by recalculating (and thus changing) the Rate.

The solution is to let QuickBooks do the Amount calculation, rather than doing it yourself via FormCalc SST.

In your case, let's assume we could let QuickBooks apply a Rate of 300 to a "quantity" defined as 2 units * 2 days. To accomplish this you need to make a few changes:

* Add a custom field to the form, and call it Units.

* Move the Units and Days fields to the left of the Quantity field (for a logical flow of information on the form). The field order on your form might then be:

Item Description Units Days Quantity Rate Amount

* Take a new snapshot with FormCalc SST.

* Enter a formula for the Quantity field in FormCalc SST, which is the product of the Units * Days columns.

This should fix the problem you currently have. FormCalc SST will calculate 2 * 2 = 4 and put the result in the Quantity column. QuickBooks will automatically multiply that by 300 and put the result in Amount (4 * 300 = $1200).

Side note: what if the user wants to enter a Quantity for something which does not involve the "Units * Days" calculation? You have two options there:

(1) They could simply enter a 1 in the Days column, so that Units gets multiplied by 1.


(2) You could use an IF function in the Quantity field formula in FormCalc SST, so that it ignores the Days column in the calculation when Days is 0 or empty.

If you need more help, let us know.

Mark Wilsdorf
Flagship Technologies, Inc.

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