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Old 08-04-2014, 01:42 PM   #1
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Default Multi User

Using QB Enterprise 14.0. WOuld like to have FormCalc SST for calculating shipping weights. However, when I try to plug in it does not work. We are in multi-user mode, approximately 20 users on the network.

Any help is appreciated
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Default Re: Multi User


"...it does not work" doesn't tell us enough to let us help you.

- What exactly is it doing, or not doing?

- Did you follow the basic Shipping Weight instructions you can find on the FormCalc SST Problem Solved page, here: http://www.goflagship.com/products/sstprobsolv.htm ?

- You might email us a screenshot of your QuickBooks form with a few lines of data on it, and also send the .SSF file you are using in FormCalc SST. Email them to: support@goflagship.com Having a screenshot and your .SSF file may let us see what's going on.

Mark Wilsdorf
Flagship Technologies, Inc.
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