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From time to time Flagship Technologies sends our email newsletter to those who've subscribed to it. If you join the list (subscribe), you will receive our email newsletter a few times per year--usually not more than three or four times annually--and you may leave the list at any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe link in any newsletter you receive from us.

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Unsolicited junk e-mail is an irritation to everyone with an e-mail address, and we are as bothered by it as you are. We WILL NOT divulge your email address to anyone, unless you specifically request and authorize us to do so. For details, see our Privacy Policy.

"How often will I receive email from Flagship?"

Not often--usually not more than a few times a year. You won't receive our general-announcement email newsletter unless and until we have something important to say! If you choose to receive any of the product-specific notices in your subscription, you may in some cases receive more frequent emails--such as when we release a series of updates over a short period of time.

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Just subscribe using your new email address. There's no need to unsubscribe your old email address.

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  1. First, be sure the messages really are duplicates. For example, we may sometimes send messages which are similar but not identical. For instance, in the past we have re-mailed a corrected version of our newsletter after finding errors in the first version.

  2. If the messages you receive are actually duplicates, maybe you are subscribed via two different e-mail addresses--such as a home and a work address--and the both newsletter emails are being forwarded to the same email reader.

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Send email to support@goflagship.com and we'll try to help.


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