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FormCalc for QuickBooks

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January 28, 2006
New Product...
FormCalc for QuickBooks

FormCalc is available for public testing!
It's a FREE download from our Web site!

FormCalc is our new add-on software that works with Microsoft Windows versions of QuickBooks to let you do calculations on QuickBooks forms—Invoice, Sales Receipt, Estimate, Credit Memo/Refund, and Sales Order forms.

FormCalc works with current versions and most older versions of QuickBooks: Standard, Simple Start, Basic, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, etc. (FormCalc does not work with QuickBooks Online Edition.)

FormCalc works right there in the form you're working on, in QuickBooks—you don't have to leave QuickBooks or look up the form in a list. And all results calculated by FormCalc become part of the form's data, ready to save, print, or email.

What kinds of calculations? Here's a partial list:

  • Calculated columns. You can add, subtract, multiply, or divide any two numeric columns (even Custom Field columns) to calculate values in a third column.
    Example: Quantity x Weight = Extended Weight on each line of an invoice.
  • Column totals for any numeric column, including Custom Field columns and columns FormCalc has calculated. So besides calculating an Extended Weight column, as mentioned above, you can have a Total for that entire column!
    Example: Show "Total billable hours" at the bottom of your invoices.
  • Subtotals within any column. There's no limit to the number of subtotal lines you may have in the form's detail area.
    Example: Divide your Invoice or job Estimate into sections describing different parts of a job, or work by different people, or labor applied during different time periods, and show labor hours subtotals for each section.
  • Unique-item "counts" within any form column (including Custom Field columns).
    Example: The last line of your invoice could show totals for the number of S, M, L, XL, and XXL shirt sizes in your customer's order, if "Size" is a QuickBooks Custom Field.
  • Count the number of boxes, cartons, pallets, etc., on an invoice, Packing Slip, or Bill of Lading.
FormCalc's pricing has not been officially announced, but we expect it to list for $69 per user license, with discounts for multiple-user licensing. (Final pricing will be announced in a future edition of Flagship Technologies News, when FormCalc is officially released and available for sale.)

We hope you'll try FormCalc and tell us what you think! And if you want to know more, visit our Web site often during the next several weeks as we add FormCalc informational pages—screen shots, a walk-through of steps for using FormCalc, and case-study examples showing FormCalc solutions to specific problems.

If you want to be notified by email as each new pre-release version of FormCalc becomes available for downloading, please register for a free User account in our Discussion Forums, and be sure to check the "FormCalc" item during account setup, so you'll be included in the group to be notified.

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Web Site News
Discussion ForumsOur Web Site "Makeover"... has recently emerged from an extensive "makeover". Like the makeovers you've seen on TV, this one was mostly cosmetic, mostly for "looks".

But every good Web site is about more than "looks", and this makeover included changes to make our site easier to navigate, to help you find our email links (there's one on every page now), and to format pages for easier reading.

We hope you like the changes!

Consultants & Information Directory continues to grow.
This Directory is a great place to connect with consultants and others who can meet your needs for QuickBooks setup help, accounting help, and other types of QuickBooks information, supplies, and assistance.

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Registering for a Discussion Forum User Account
This article is mostly a repeat of one that appeared in the prior edition of this newsletter. But with the release of FormCalc, more newsletter readers will be using our Discussion Forums, and since a User account is required for posting messages in some forum areas, the information bears repeating.

Registering for a User account is free, and it's easy. To register, you set up a forum "nickname" or "handle" to go by (so you can stay anonymous in the forums if you wish), choose a password, and supply your email address. (The forum software can notify you by email when someone posts a reply to one of your forum messages, if you so choose.)

Other details...

Where do I go to register? Every forum page has box in the upper left corner that says "Log in now or Register", and clicking on the Register link will take you to the registration page.

Will I have to log in every time I visit the forums? No. If your Web browser is set to accept "cookies" the forum software can automatically recognize you (actually, your computer) when you visit the forums, so most of the time you won't be bothered with having to enter your password.

What if I want to my change settings later? At the top of every forum page is a menu of forum command items—Topics, Profile, Help, Member List, etc. Click on the Profile command to make changes to your member account settings.

If I register, won't everyone be able to see my email address? No. The forum software keeps it private. Only the forum moderators (currently limited to Flagship Technologies' staff) have access to forum email addresses. And those addresses are used only for notification and forum-related business/housekeeping.

Privacy Note: We're very serious about email privacy and want you to have full control over the email messages you receive from us. For this reason forum membership does not automatically add your email address to the list of people who receive this newsletter, and the reverse is true also. For details on how we handle your personal information, review our Privacy Policy online.

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Software Development News
Where's the New ManagePLUS?
We realize the expected release date for the new ManagePLUS has been pushed back several times now.

All we can say at this point is, "Yes, we've devoted significant development resources to the new ManagePLUS during the past 12 months."

Watch future editions of this newsletter for announcements about the status of the new ManagePLUS release.

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