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February 16, 2006
FormCalc™ 1.0 is Released...

FormCalc for QuickBooks

The public test period for our new FormCalc for QuickBooks product is completed, and the first commercial release, version 1.0, is now available.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded and tested the various pre-release versions of FormCalc. Your comments and error reports were crucial for helping us track down the kinds of problems that only surface when a product is tested in a wide variety of environments.

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FormCalc Features

We gave you details about FormCalc features in the prior newsletter so we won't bore you those details by repeating them. Instead, here's a concise feature summary.

  • FormCalc does calculations on any QuickBooks form where Items are used, including these:  Invoice, Sales Receipt, Credit Memo/Refund, Purchase Order, Sales Order, and Estimate.
  • FormCalc provides several different calculation types:  column subtotals (including multi-level nested subtotals), column totals, calculated columns, column unique-item counts, and others.
  • FormCalc works right there on the form you're working on, in QuickBooks—you don't have to leave QuickBooks. And all results calculated by FormCalc become part of the form's data, ready to save, print, or email.
  • FormCalc works with current versions and most older versions of QuickBooks for Microsoft Windows: Standard, Simple Start, Basic, Pro, Premier, Enterprise, etc. (FormCalc does not work with QuickBooks Online Edition.)
  • FormCalc works with most U.S. and non-U.S. versions of QuickBooks.

Click here to see detailed feature descriptions & examples on our Web site.

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FormCalc Help & Information
Resources on the Web

FormCalc has a simple text-based Help system which can get you started with the program and answers basic technical questions. However, most of the resources for learning and using FormCalc are on our Web site.

Here's a list of the Web-based FormCalc resources we've created so far. They are a very visual (plenty of screen shots) way to learn more about FormCalc.

  • The FormCalc tour starts at the main FormCalc page and lets you progress through pages showing features, examples, how FormCalc works, and how to download and try or purchase FormCalc.
  • The FormCalc Tutorial gives you detailed steps for getting started with FormCalc and using it with QuickBooks.
  • Problem Solved! is a set of case study examples that show how to use FormCalc to solve a particular accounting and QuickBooks-form-related problems. Here is the current list of Problem Solved! examples (more are being added often, so check back often).
    • Shipping weight calculations show how to calculate an Extended Weight column for each Item on an invoice and how to get total shipping weight for the invoice.
    • Billable hours for professional services shows how to provide separate subtotals and totals for client services provided by different members of a professional services firm (law firm, CPA, etc.).
    • Packing Slip summary shows how to get item counts on a Packing Slip. The example shows how to get totals for each shirt size on the Packing Slip of a clothing wholesaler.
  • The FormCalc Discussion & Support Forum is the place to ask all your FormCalc questions...whether they're a technical question or just something you want to know about FormCalc.

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FormCalc Pricing and Availability

The trial version of FormCalc is a full-working version of the software which you can download, install, and use for up to 30 days to see if FormCalc will work for you. It is a FREE download from our Web site.

If you decide to continue using the program, you must purchase a software license for FormCalc to use it beyond the 30-day trial period. After purchasing a license, you will receive a User ID and Registration Code to enter into FormCalc to "unlock" it as the registered version.

Current FormCalc pricing is as follows.*

     Price per User
Single-user license
   1 user $69    
Multi-user licenses
   2 - 4 users: $59    
   5 - 9 users: $49    
   10 or more users: $39    

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

When you buy a FormCalc license that's not the "end" of what you get:  (1) You will be entitled to free updates to all minor-version releases of the program--i.e., any versions 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc. that we may release--as a free download. (2) You will have full access to the FormCalc Discussion & Support Forum for answers to your technical support questions.

For details about downloading, trying, and ordering FormCalc, please visit the How to Buy FormCalc page.

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