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September 29, 2008

New ManagePLUS for QuickBooks release:  version 2.0.1
Advice for CD purchasers...


New ManagePLUS for QuickBooks release:  version 2.0.1

We're sending out a newsletter to let everyone know about this new ManagePLUS release, because besides enhancements and bug fixes it offers several new features. Here's a general description of what's new:

  • Automatic date range splits for reports. Now reports based on the active accounting period can be automatically split into multi-period comparison reports by Day, Week, Month, Quarter, and several other periods. This lets you create reports comparing sales and purchase quantities by Class by month, financials by quarter, and so on.
  • Quick reports now let you create reports pre-configured with date range splits (by Month, by Quarter, etc.) and column selections designed to meet the needs of common reporting goals, with a single menu selection.
  • The Getting Started dialog provides a list of reminders about what to do first, next, and so on whenever you add a new company file in ManagePLUS. It's a stay-on-top window that won't go away until you tell it to. And each item in its list of reminders is a direct link to a topic in the ManagePLUS Help system, so all you have to do to get more information is click on the item.
  • Numerous minor enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements.

For details on the new features including report illustrations and more, please see the article at:


To download a trial version of the new ManagePLUS release, or to upgrade a licensed installation, please visit the ManagePLUS Downloads page at:


This is a free upgrade for all current ManagePLUS for QuickBooks 2.x users!

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Advice for CD purchasers...

If you've purchased ManagePLUS for QuickBooks on CD and you aren't able to download the new ManagePLUS release due to a slow Internet connection, etc., you of course are welcome to purchase a new CD to upgrade your ManagePLUS installation.

However, later this fall we expect to release yet another new ManagePLUS version with more new features. So if the new features in the current release aren't must-have features for you right now, we suggest you "save your pennies" a while longer and wait until later this fall, after the next major feature release, to order another CD.

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