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February 18, 2014
Dear Customer,
Here are two things we are working on which may be of interest to you...

The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™

The Cookbook has long been in need of an update. Since it was written, much about QuickBooks has changed--including the introduction of a cloud-based version, QuickBooks Online.
We have struggled for some time with exactly how to proceed with an update. A full rewrite is a big job and takes a long time, but "piecemeal" updates as short articles, etc., are difficult to manage and distribute in printed form and/or ebook editions.
We believe we have a workable strategy now. The plan is to release an annual update edition in both printed and ebook formats, with an ever-expanding collection of update articles in each annual edition. It will include special topics and, in some cases, replacements for entire chapters of the original Cookbook. 
For now, please stay tuned and look for details about the Cookbook updates by year's end.

FormCalc SST for QuickBooks

New FormCalc SST version 1.1 can send results to QuickBooks as mixed fractions like 1-3/4 or 2-7/8

This week we released version 1.1 of FormCalc SST for QuickBooks, our spreadsheet-based calculator for QuickBooks forms. It has a long list of improvements and added convenience features, plus one new major feature:  the ability to send results to QuickBooks as mixed fractions.
When the Show as fractions option is selected for a spreadsheet cell in FormCalc SST, the results calculated in that cell are sent to QuickBooks as mixed fractions:
  • 1.75 would be sent as 1-3/4
  • 2.9375 would be sent as 2-15/16
  • Negative results are surrounded by parentheses. So -2.5 would be sent as (2-1/2)
Who needs this feature? You might be surprised to learn that we've been asked for this many times in recent years by users of the old, original FormCalc product. The requests have mostly come from businesses with a need to show fractional information on QuickBooks invoices, such as the following:
  • Lumber and hardwood dealers (lumber dimensions)
  • Custom signage businesses (sign area)
  • Printing businesses
  • Dealers in industrial fabric/cloth
  • Custom sheet metal shops
  • Machine shops
The best way to see this feature in action is to download the free 30-day trial of FormCalc SST
and give it a try!
FormCalc SST works with all QuickBooks desktop editions (US, UK, Canadian, Australian) for Microsoft Windows...but not with QuickBooks for the Mac, and not with QuickBooks Online.
Questions?  Email us at info@goflagship.com
Mark Wilsdorf
President, Flagship Technologies, Inc.
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