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Flagship Technologies, Inc. -- Dec. 5, 1997 -- For immediate release.

New educational versions and site licensing program put ManagePLUS™ in the classroom very inexpensively...

ManagePLUS Runner
ManagePLUS™ for Education
Site Licensing Program

Now educators can create an unlimited
number of ManagePLUS installations...for
a site license fee of just $100 per year!

MADISON, MO -- Today Flagship Technologies, Inc. released two important additions to their ManagePLUS™ software line:  educational versions of the ManagePLUS software, and a low-cost educational site licensing program. Together, these allow ManagePLUS to be used educational activities like farm accounting classes, workshops, and seminars at a very low cost per student.

What is ManagePLUS?

ManagePLUS is a farm accounting add on for the popular Quicken™ and QuickBooks™ accounting programs (trademarks of Intuit). Here are some of the enhancements ManagePLUS adds to Quicken or QuickBooks:

  • Ability to record physical quantities (bushels, pounds, gallons, etc.) in any transaction.

  • Dual quantities (like weight and number of livestock sold), plus quantity information like average weight per head, price per head, and price per pound.

  • Ability to record quantities as mathematical formulas, which preserves quantity details in transactions while at the same time adjusting gross weight to net weight, or pounds to tons, et/p>

  • Profit and loss reports with Quantity totals for each account and each enterprise class.

  • Month-by-month cash flow and quantity flow reports.

  • Per-unit-of-production reporting of revenues and expenses, such as feed cost per head, herbicide cost per acre, and average herbicide quantity per acre.

  • Revenues and expenses broken down by account and enterprise class on the same report.

  • ...and more!

ManagePLUS requires Microsoft Windows 3.1, 95, or 98, and a Microsoft Windows version of Quicken or QuickBooks.

ManagePLUS Educational Versions...
What's Different About Them?

The new educational versions of ManagePLUS are identical to their commercial version counterparts, with one exception:  they are "metered" software. This means they expire at the end of a specific period of time--in this case, every four months.

The educational versions don't "go away" when they expire, they just prevent further access by users. But that's not the end of the story. The software is designed so that all the licensee must do to continue using it is enter a special "unlock code" available from Flagship. That's all it takes to extend the expiration date another four months.

Why metered software? According to company president Mark Wilsdorf, metered software gives educational users two big benefits: "Software that must have a code entered periodically [to continue operating] discourages illegal copying. It is a bit more work for the licensee, but it's what makes us comfortable with offering a site licensing program that permits an unlimited number of ManagePLUS installations. It also lets us hold down the site license fee to just $100 per year. Together, these make for a very low cost per student."

"Actually there's another hidden benefit, too," Wilsdorf continued. "Because the site license software expires annually, we will automatically send our licensees the most current, updated version of ManagePLUS annually when they renew their license. So you might say part of the site license fee is actually a 'subscription' component which helps to keep the licensee's software up to date."

Educational Site Licensing Highlights

Here are some highlights of educational site licensing program. (For specific details see the document ManagePLUS Educational Site Licensing, located at http://www.agriculture.com/markets/flagship/mpedu1.htm.)

  • Just $100 per year!
  • Allows installing ManagePLUS on any number of computers in the licensee's possession, so long as they are used directly by students or instructors in the conduct of educational classes, workshops, or seminars.
  • Includes the ManagePLUS Educational Version software (for either QuickBooks, or Quicken).
  • Includes the same level of technical support availability as the commercial versions.
  • Includes two copies of the ManagePLUS User's Guide (more copies may be purchased if desired).
  • The detailed, comprehensive ManagePLUS Help system is part of each software installation.

Who May Qualify for an Educational Site License?

Any bona fide educational institution or organization (school, college, extension service, etc.) or established business (computer dealer, consultant, etc.) hosting an educational activity may qualify for a ManagePLUS educational site license.

Qualification involves submitting information about the institution or business desiring the site license, and the planned educational activity. Flagship approves site license applications based on a review of the information provided.

Flagship will answer site licensing questions on their sales line at 660-291-3000 or by email to info@goflagship.com. Or, details on applying for a site license are available in the document ManagePLUS Educational Site Licensing, available on the World Wide Web at:  www.agriculture.com/markets/flagship/mpedu1.htm.

About Flagship Technologies

Flagship Technologies, Inc., is located at Madison, Missouri. The company's primary focus is on developing and marketing agricultural software products, including ManagePLUS for QuickBooks™ and ManagePLUS for Quicken™, farm accounting add-ons for QuickBooks and Quicken, as well as other software products and training materials including The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™. The company can be contacted by these means:

Postal address: Flagship Technologies, Inc.
14976 Monroe Rd. 1039
Madison, MO 65263
World Wide Web: http://www.goflagship.com
Email: sales@goflagship.com (sales information)
(other information)
(technical support)
Telephone: 660-291-3000 (sales and order questions only)

Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. ManagePLUS is a trademark of Flagship Technologies, Inc. QuickBooks and Quicken are registered trademarks of Intuit.

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