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Flagship Technologies, Inc. -- Nov. 3, 1999 -- For immediate release. (Update of Dec. 1, 1998 release.)

New book for farmers & ranchers is a "cookbook" for farm accounting with QuickBooks™...

The QuickBooks
Farm Accounting
The farm accounting
reference for
QuickBooks users!

MADISON, MO -- This news release supercedes information in earlier news releases about The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™, and adds important details about the new book.

The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™ provides quick answers to farm accounting questions, with a minimum amount of reading. It was written specifically to help farmers and ranchers use QuickBooks more effectively, while minimizing the time required for learning and using the program.

The Cookbook was authored by company president Mark Wilsdorf. "I wrote this book with three main goals in mind," Wilsdorf says. "The first was to make it a quick 'how to' reference for farm and ranch transactions and techniques in QuickBooks. The second was to provide basic information about setting up and using QuickBooks for farm accounting. The third was to make the entire book easy to use, with plenty of farm-specific examples, screen shots, and simple explanations."

Why a Cookbook?

The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™ was designed from the ground up as a quick reference to farm business transactions. Each chapter covers a category of transactions--like farm income, farm expenses, or loans. Topics within the chapter are organized like a cookbooks recipes: each contains all of the information necessary to answer a specific QuickBooks accounting question, in just a few pages.

"This book doesn't require reading an entire chapter to get the answer to your question," says Wilsdorf. "Anyone who wants to know how to record a grain sale, livestock purchased for resale, a milk check, or a loan payment can find the information they need in a recipe devoted just to that topic, occupying only a few pages."

New Information About the Cookbook

Here are topics covered in The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™  Volume I: QuickBooks Basics, Income & Expenses, and More...

  Recording cash income
  Deducting expenses (hauling, commissions, etc.) from a deposit
  Withholding cash from a deposit
  Recording milk checks, capital retains, and revolvements
  Accounting for resale livestock
  Recording patronage dividends
  Tracking quantities of things you sell (bushels, pounds, etc.)
  Recording cash discounts
  Handling credits on account at the farm supply dealer
  Recording refunds of expenses
  The best way to enter farm & personal cash spending & income
  Tracking quantities of things you buy (gallons, tons, etc.)
  Tracking family living expenses using equity accounts
  Farm asset and liability basics
  Tracking depreciable asset purchases and sales
  Setting up accounts for loans and notes
  Recording loan and mortgage payments
  Borrowing/paying on a line of credit
  Backing up and storing your QuickBooks records

A second volume of the Cookbook was originally planned, dealing with enterprise accounting and other advanced topics. However it is now expected that the topics planned for Volume II may be released in another format, such as a series of Web-based articles.

Information for QuickBooks Newcomers, Too

Though most of the Cookbook is devoted to farm-specific transactions and techniques, the early chapters of Volume I cover QuickBooks basics. According to the author, new QuickBooks users are often overwhelmed by the number of options available to them. He says the Cookbook "helps new users understand which features they should use and which ones they should avoid. It prevents wasting time learning about things they may never use, and lets them get started using QuickBooks with the confidence that they're on the right track."

The Cookbook also gives new users the information they need to properly set up QuickBooks for a farm business. According to Wilsdorf, "Beginning with the right account and class [enterprise codes] setup is extremely important. It is crucial for getting the desired reports and information back out of your records later. And it can make day-to-day transaction entry easier, too."

Here are some examples of Cookbook topics specifically for QuickBooks newcomers:

  Setting up QuickBooks for a farm business
  QuickBooks features you should use...and features to avoid!
  Planning and setting up your chart of accounts
  Deciding which account types to use
  Setting up classes (enterprise codes) to meet your information goals
  Setting up QuickBooks "items"
  Managing farm business bills effectively
  How to keep your records current
  Reconciling your checkbook and credit card accounts
  Why you should let QuickBooks print your checks
  How to get real work done--using QuickBooks effectively

Not Just for Farmers...

Though the Cookbook is aimed squarely at farmers and ranchers, it will also appeal to several other audiences.

Accountants working with farmers and ranchers who use QuickBooks will find the Cookbook a valuable reference for assisting their clients with QuickBooks setup and operation. The same is true of other professionals such as Extension agents and agricultural lenders.

Teachers in vocational agriculture and community education programs will find the Cookbook useful in the classroom as a source of examples and ideas, and as a student text in QuickBooks-based farm accounting courses.

Product Availability and Pricing

The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™  Volume I: QuickBooks Basics and a Whole Lot More, by Mark Wilsdorf, will have a list price of $32.95. The "street price" of the book, whether purchased from Flagship or other book sellers, is usually less. It is available from Flagship Technologies, Flagship's dealers, and through book stores served by Ingrams, the nation's largest book wholesaler. To get the Cookbook directly from Flagship Technologies, you may order online, order by mail, or order by phone (call 660-291-3000).

About Flagship Technologies

Flagship Technologies, Inc., is located at Madison, Missouri. The company's primary focus is on developing and marketing QuickBooks-related products and software add-ons, including ManagePLUS for QuickBooks™, as well as other software products and training materials. The company can be contacted by these means:

Postal address: Flagship Technologies, Inc.
14976 Monroe Rd. 1039
Madison, MO 65263
World Wide Web: http://www.goflagship.com
Email: sales@goflagship.com (sales information)
(other information)
(technical support)
Telephone: 660-291-3000 (sales and order questions only)

ManagePLUS is a trademark of Flagship Technologies, Inc. QuickBooks and Quicken are registered trademarks of Intuit.

Revised: 10/28/2004

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