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ManagePLUS Gold™ Supports QuickBooks Classes as Cost Centers and Profit Centers

MADISON, MO.,  September 1, 2011 - Farmers and ranchers use QuickBooks accounting software because it offers a lot of power and flexibility, while being easy to use and having wide support among professionals like CPAs, tax preparers, and extension educators. 

QuickBooks even has a feature called "classes" which allows tagging income and expense as belonging to specific departments or enterprises within the farm or ranch business--fertilizer for the Corn class, mineral supplement for the Beef Cow class, and so on. Reports grouped by class help the manager examine profits in those different parts of his or her business.

But if you set up a "cost center" class called Harvest Services to track expenses related to a combine and grain trucks, how do you allocate the total of those expenses to "profit centers" like Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat? QuickBooks doesn't make it easy, but ManagePLUS Gold does.

ManagePLUS Gold™ 3.0 for QuickBooks is an add-on for the popular QuickBooks accounting software for Microsoft Windows. This new ManagePLUS version adds a feature that no other QuickBooks add-on offers: full support for cost accounting. That means being able to identify classes as cost centers and profit centers, allocate costs from cost centers to profit centers, and get class-specific profit and loss reports which separately identify allocated amounts.

ManagePLUS Gold 3.0 delivers these cost accounting capabilities with the following features:

  • The ability to mark QuickBooks classes as cost centers or profit centers.
  • Easy allocation from cost centers to profit centers, via a simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Allocations can be by percentages of the available amount, or based on "management quantities" such acres or bushels of production, number of beef cows in the herd, labor hours used, or other measures of production or input use.
  • Allocations "cascade" to all affected classes. (If class A gets partly allocated to class B, B to C, and C to D, then class A will have contributed to the amount allocated to D.)
  • Allocations recalculate instantly, for immediate feedback on the target classes will be affected.
  • Once allocation formulas (percentages, etc.) have been set up, they can be automatically reused in subsequent accounting periods/years, until changed.
  • Account balances can be assigned to classes using the same approach. This means income and expense balances can be split among classes at the end of an accounting period, without entering any QuickBooks transactions, and without Journal entries nor any need to understand debits and credits.
  • A special Profit Analysis report type shows income and expense amounts assigned directly to a class, as well as allocated amounts, in separate report sections.
  • Lots of "little things" add ease of use and flexibility: color coding of cost centers and profit centers in windows and on reports, constantly updated allocation statistics, exporting to Microsoft Excel, and more.

ManagePLUS Gold is a new advanced-feature version of the existing ManagePLUS for QuickBooks software product. It adds cost accounting capabilities to the solid base of features found in ManagePLUS, including support for entering two quantities in QuickBooks transactions (i.e., weight and number of livestock sold), quantity math, automatic quantity statistics, per-unit information (average selling or purchase price per bushel/pound/ton/head, etc.), unit-of-measure labeling on reports, and many others.

The goal of ManagePLUS and ManagePLUS Gold is to provide as much management information as possible, with the least effort, wherever classes are used in QuickBooks transactions. ManagePLUS Gold is a valuable addition in any business that uses the Classes feature of QuickBooks.

Quick facts...

   ManagePLUS Gold

(US) per single-user license.
$129 (US) per single-user license.
* Reduced-price upgrades are available to current ManagePLUS users.
Supported QuickBooks versions: U.S. Pro or Premier editions of QuickBooks 2003 and later, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 3.0 or higher.
QuickBooks 2004 or later.
QuickBooks 2004 or later. 
System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or later.
15 mb. hard drive space.
Any computer which can run the above QuickBooks versions can run ManagePLUS. 
Free trial version: An unrestricted 30-day free trial version can be downloaded from: http://www.goflagship.com/dnloads/mpdownld.htm or can be purchased on CD for a nominal fee.
Web page: http://www.goflagship.com/products/mphome.htm
Documentation and support A complete Help system installs with the software.
Printable manual available for free download.
Web-based articles and videos.
User support is by email, and Web-based user forums.

About the company:  Flagship Technologies, Inc. is a developer of QuickBooks add-on and enhancement software, as well as a publisher of books and training materials for QuickBooks, including The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™, a 370-page guide for using QuickBooks in agriculture. The company has been in business since 1994.

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