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April 28, 2005
New Newsletter Format, Archives
This issue is the first we've published in HTML format (i.e., viewable in a Web browser, and in many email programs). This makes the newsletter file larger than if it were text-only, but we think the extra download time is worth the wait and hope you'll agree. Besides being "prettier", having live links into our Web site will make the newsletter much more useful to everyone.

Another plus, is that HTML format lends itself to being archived, so this is the first of our newsletters that will be archived on From now on, you'll be able to go to the News tab on our Web site and look up prior newsletter issuess.

If you have comments on the new format or any problems with it, please email us at

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Web Site News
Discussion ForumsConsultants & Info Directory Continues to Grow!
Need QuickBooks setup or accounting assistance by phone? On-site help? QuickBooks training? A label printer that works with QuickBooks? Read on...

Continued growth of our new Consultants & Information Directory ( makes it a great place to connect with consultants and others who can meet your needs for QuickBooks information, software, and related products. Several consultants and other businesses have recently added listings to the Directory.

Here's a current count of listings in various Directory categories. Clicking on any entry in this table lets you jump to the corresponding Directory page on our Web site.

Directory Category Listings
QuickBooks Add-ins and Related Software 10
QuickBooks Articles and Information - Agricultural 4
QuickBooks Consultants - Agricultural 3
QuickBooks Consultants - General 16
QuickBooks Products and Supplies 1
Quicken Articles and Information - Agricultural 4

If you know of someone with QuickBooks-related products or services that you feel should be in the Directory, please let them know about it. They can add their own listing to the Directory, and it costs nothing!

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What's Up in the Discussion Forums?
Discussion Forums If you aren't visiting our Web site's Discussion Forums, you're missing out on some good QuickBooks information. While there hasn't been an overabundance of messages posted since we installed the new (easier to use) forum software, the quality of the posts has been good.

Here are some recent message topics posted in the Farm Accounting with QuickBooks forum. (Note: if any of the following links don't work it's because they're "dynamic" and subject to change every few days...but you can find any of these topics by starting at the main Discussion Forum page.)

Our forums are a great place to ask your QuickBooks and farm accounting questions.

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How Can I Know When there are New Forum Messages?
Actually, it's easy. Just register as a forum member--it costs nothing. To register, you set up a forum "nickname" or "handle" to go by (so you can stay anonymous in the forums if you wish), choose a password to use, and supply your email address--which lets the forum software send you email notifications.

Other settings let you choose the forums and message types you want to be notified about. For instance, maybe you only want to know when messages are posted in the ManagePLUS General Information forum. Or maybe you only want to be notified when someone posts a reply to a question you've posted.

Where do I go to register? Every forum page has box in the upper left corner that says "Log in now or Register", and clicking on the Register link will take you to the registration page.

Will I have to "log in" every time I visit the forums? No. If your Web browser is set to accept "cookies" the forum software can automatically recognize you when you visit the forums, so most of the time you won't be bothered with having to enter your password.

What if I want to my change settings later? At the top of every forum page is a menu of forum command items--Topics, Profile, Help, Member List, etc. Click on the Profile command to make changes to your member account settings.

If I register, won't everyone else be able to see my email address? No. The forum software keeps it private. Only the forum moderators (which for now is limited to Flagship Technologies' staff) have access to email addresses in the member list. And those addresses are used only for forum message notification and forum-related business/housekeeping.

Privacy Note: We're very serious about email privacy and want you to have control of the email you receive from us. For this reason forum membership does not automatically include your email address in the list of people who receive this newsletter, and vice versa. For details on how we handle your personal information, review our Privacy Policy online.

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Software Development News
's Progress on the New ManagePLUS?
We can hardly produce a newsletter without addressing the question that so many are asking: "When will the new ManagePLUS be ready?"

As we've said for some time now, we still expect ManagePLUS 2.0 to be released late in 2005. Our position is that software "isn't ready until it's ready": we cannot accurately predict the release date if we want to release a quality product.

Though it won't get the new ManagePLUS into your hands any sooner, might a few feature details at least give you something to anticipate as you wait for ManagePLUS 2.0? Sorry, it's the best we can do for now. Here goes...

  • The old ManagePLUS could only work with one date range--one accounting period--at a time, and that period was defined by the current set of transactions you had imported from QuickBooks. This wasn't so bad if you mostly worked with the current accounting year. But what if you wanted to go back and examine a report for "last year"?

    Unfortunately, this meant you had to obliterate your current-year entries for Accounts and Classes--things like the amount of production (bushels, pounds, etc.) or consumption (gallons of fuel) in various enterprises--and replace them with entries that pertained to "last year" (crop yields, etc. for that accounting period). Then, when you were done looking at the "last year" report, you had to re-type the Account and Class entries for the current period.

    Well, you won't have to do that with ManagePLUS 2.0. It maintains a database of any number of accounting periods you may define, retaining all of the Account and Class (enterprise) entries for each period. So you can go back to any prior period and get a report, with little effort. And you can define accounting periods however you like--as months, quarters, years, etc.

  • ManagePLUS 2.0 will also maintain a database of all transactions imported from QuickBooks. So getting a report for any accounting you've defined will be quick, because only new and changed transactions need to be imported from QuickBooks, not "all" transactions for the period.

  • Having a "live" database of QuickBooks transactions (and reference lists such as Accounts and Classes) offers a number of benefits, plus potential for several additional ManagePLUS features.

    One of those features is the ability for ManagePLUS users to create their own custom report layouts, to meet reporting needs beyond the base set of reports ManagePLUS provides. If feature does not make it into ManagePLUS 2.0, it will be high on the priority list for ManagePLUS 2.1.

We appreciate everyone's patience, and we hope you'll find the new ManagePLUS was worth the wait!

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