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Flagship Technologies, Inc. -- Aug 24, 2004 -- For immediate release.

Flagship Technologies has new discussion forums and new forum-based product support policies

Revised 11/20/2004.

MADISON, MO -- After initial testing earlier this summer, Flagship Technologies today officially announces the opening of new discussion forums on Flagship's web site, www.goflagship.com, as well as revised product support policies which rely heavily on the new forums.

A direct link to the main page for the forums is: www.goflagship.com/forums/ .

New Forums:  More Features, Easier to Use

Flagship's new discussion forums are maintained by the DiscusPro forum operating software from Discusware. This new software offers forum visitors a lot more features and flexibility than was available in the old forums.

Because discussion topic categories are now easier to maintain, the forums now offer a wider variety of topic areas than before, including product support areas where users of Flagship Technologies' software products can get answers to their questions about using those products.

A search facility lets forum visitors search for keywords and phrases in existing forum messages, making it much easier to locate specific message topics or information. For example, doing a search for "reports" in the ManagePLUS product support category may help a forum visitor find answers to his ManagePLUS reporting questions in messages that were posted days or weeks earlier, without the need to post a new question.

The forums' recent-message feature saves time for anyone who visits the forums often. It lets the visitor see just those messages which have been posted since their prior visit, making it easy to "catch up" with ongoing discussions and new messages. This facility works across all topic categories, forum visitors don't need to visit several different categories to see what new messages have been posted.

While most forums are entirely free to the public and require no registration for reading messages, member registration is required for posting messages in certain forums, such as the user support forums. Signing up as a forum member is quick and easy, and membership is completely free, yet it provides benefits both to forum visitors and to the forum operators.

The forum membership system results in better and faster support for Flagship's products. It allows Flagship's support personnel to send follow-up email, if need be, to questions posted in the product support topic areas. For anyone who has posted a support question, this means they may get an answer to their question without having to frequently check the forums to see whether an answer has been posted.

Similarly, members can choose to receive automatic email notification when someone posts a reply to any message they have posted. So a forum member can stay current with a particular discussion just by checking their email. Even better, the notification email contains a direct link to the discussion topic. So all that's necessary to go to that specific topic is to click on the link.

Member registration also makes possible another unique feature:  forum-based email. Any forum member can send email to any other member while keeping the recipient's email address hidden from the sender! How? Forum members are normally known only by a member name or "handle" within the forums. When the forum software is used for composing and sending an email message, the recipient's actual email address gets added "behind the scenes" to the outgoing email message--the sender doesn't see the recipient's email address. The recipient can continue to keep his or her email address private by using the forum software for composing and sending replies. (Replying directly to email, without using the forum software, will make the original recipient's address visible.) Members control whether they will accept being contacted via forum-based email; if desired, they can turn off the feature.

Changes in Product Support Policies

Commencing as of this announcement, support for all Flagship Technologies products will be available only via the new discussion forums. (Previously, support was available both by email and via the old Web forums.)

This change is supported by several benefits provided by the new discussion forums:

  1. Web-based forums offer better support features than are available by email. For example, replies to user questions can contain direct clickable links referencing other message posts, other Web pages, etc.--something that's less functional in text-based email. Yet the new forums have all the advantages of email because they provide email notification when a reply is are posted in a discussion topic.
  2. Over time, the publicly posted questions and answers of a Web-based discussion forum become a valuable knowledgebase of information and experience about a product. Unlike private emails, the messages in a discussion forum are available to everyone for browsing and searching. Many times this lets users find answers to their questions--at any time of the day or night--among messages that others have already posted.
  3. Asking questions in a public forum allows other users to contribute to finding answers--support isn't limited to the experience and information provided by product support personnel. In effect, this magnifies the amount of experience that can be brought to bear upon a question or problem.

About Flagship Technologies

Flagship Technologies, Inc., is located at Madison, Missouri. The company's primary focus is on QuickBooks-related software products and consulting services, with special emphasis and experience in agricultural accounting problems and solutions.The company can be contacted by these means:

Postal address: Flagship Technologies, Inc.
14976 Monroe Rd. 1039
Madison, MO 65263
World Wide Web: http://www.goflagship.com
Email: sales@goflagship.com (sales information)
(other information)
(technical support)
Telephone: 660-291-3000 (sales and order questions only)

ManagePLUS is a trademark of Flagship Technologies, Inc. QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit.

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