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10 Feb

Switched this site to using a secure server (HTTPS), to overcome the problems some Web browsers (Google Chrome & related, especially) had with failing to download files from this site, but providing no error message when the download failed.

1 Jan

Updated our ebooks to correct a problem which caused a watermark to be displayed too large (annoying to read!) in recent versions of the Javelin ebook reader. Ebook purchasers:  to update your copy of our ebook(s) see the Refreshing an ebook file instructions for Windows or Android/Apple devices.

26 Jul

New article in The QB Ag Center ( Handling Prepaid Supplies...It's Easier than You Thought.

18 Mar

3 Feb

New version 4.x of FormCalc SST for QuickBooks released today, adds new spreadsheet functions and internal speed/QuickBooks form handling improvements.



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