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June 12, 2008
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks is officially released
Early-bird pricing...save $50 before August 15th!!!
ManagePLUS is now available on CD
Thanks to our testers & Star Testers!


ManagePLUS for QuickBooks is officially released

The wait is over...

After completing its public testing period, version 2.0 of ManagePLUS for QuickBooks is finally released and available for sale! ManagePLUS for QuickBooks is a management reporting and data handling tool for QuickBooks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • This release focuses on enhanced quantity handling (supports two quantities in QuickBooks transactions, quantities represented as mathematical formulas), quantity reporting, and reporting for QuickBooks classes--including per-unit and per-dollar management reporting for classes
  • Reports are created in ManagePLUS' own internal spreadsheet, for advanced data integration and the ability to do "what-if" analysis with your own accounting data.
  • Automated import of QuickBooks lists and transactions.
  • Works with U.S. versions of the Pro, Premier, and Enterprise editions of QuickBooks 2003 and later
  • Includes a complete context sensitive Help system. 
  • Our Web site also provides how-to videos, a printable ManagePLUS User's Guide (available as a downloadable .PDF file), an online version of the Help system, and Discussion Forums for asking your ManagePLUS questions and getting product support.

Find out more...take the guided tour:


More to come!

This release of ManagePLUS for QuickBooks is just a starting point. We have a lot of work to do this summer and plan to add a number of significant new features by fall of this year--all of which will be a FREE UPGRADE for early-bird purchasers of ManagePLUS (see below). 

The Release Notes (you can view them in ManagePLUS' Help > About window) includes our current "roadmap" of product development priorities. If you have comments, you're welcome to email us at support@goflagship.com or by posting a discussion topic in the ManagePLUS for QuickBooks area of our Discussion Forums at http://www.goflagship.com/forums/.

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Early-bird pricing...save $50 before August 15 ! ! !

We're offering special pricing on ManagePLUS for QuickBooks licenses for early purchasers. You'll save $50 or more on the purchase of a ManagePLUS software license through August 15, 2008:

  • $99 for a new single-user license of ManagePLUS for QuickBooks
    ...will be $149 after August 15.
  • $79 for a single-user license upgrade (you qualify for an upgrade if you own a prior release of either ManagePLUS for QuickBooks or ManagePLUS for Quicken)
    ...will be $129 after August 15.
  • See our online ordering page for multi-user license pricing and other ordering details:


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ManagePLUS is now available on CD

The usual way to try ManagePLUS is to download the installation program from the Downloads page (http://www.goflagship.com/dnloads/mpdownld.htm), then run the installation program to install ManagePLUS on your computer. But if you have a slow Internet connection, or you'd just prefer having the software on CD, we now have a version available on CD.

How to get it? Visit our online ordering page:  http://www.goflagship.com/orders/onlineorders.htm. There, you can order the ManagePLUS for QuickBooks CD for a small charge plus shipping & handling. 

The CD contains the installation program for the current version of ManagePLUS, as well as the ManagePLUS User's Guide .PDF file, which you may print out to have a printed manual, and may also include some additional ManagePLUS-related "goodies".

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Thanks to our testers & Star Testers!

Last but certainly not least, we want to thank those who downloaded and tried the many test releases of ManagePLUS, provided comments, and freely invested their own time in ManagePLUS by reporting errors and problems along the way. 

In addition, here is a list of our Star Testers--those who, in our judgment, were the most active testers and/or provided the most valuable contributions to the testing process. These people were awarded prizes, with the top two prizes being a FREE ManagePLUS for QuickBooks license.

  • Rick Alvernaz
  • George Phillips
  • Elizabeth Moser
  • Paul Miller

Thanks to all for a job well done!

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