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January 22, 2009

New ManagePLUS for QuickBooks release:  version


New ManagePLUS for QuickBooks release:  version

Normally we don't send out a newsletter for a minor version release, but this one is a bit different. Here's why:

  • This new ManagePLUS release achieves full Microsoft Windows Vista compatibility. Now ManagePLUS "behaves properly" in Vista, and works with all of the QuickBooks versions which run on Vista. If you run Windows Vista on your computer you definitely should upgrade to this new version!
  • Several minor enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements. The most important fix is for the annoying problem noticed by some users, of not being able to turn off "Don't show this again" messages.

To download this new ManagePLUS release, or (for ManagePLUS license holders) to upgrade your licensed copy of ManagePLUS, please visit the ManagePLUS Downloads page at:

This is a free upgrade for all current ManagePLUS for QuickBooks 2.x users!

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Copyright © 2009, Flagship Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.