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ManagePLUS™ 2.0 Adds Farm & Ranch
Accounting Features to QuickBooks

MADISON, MO.,  February 9, 2009 - ManagePLUS™ 2.0 is a Microsoft Windows-compatible program that works with QuickBooks accounting software. ManagePLUS adds accounting and reporting features that farmers and ranchers need but which QuickBooks doesn't have, including:

  • The ability to handle dual quantities in QuickBooks transactions. Livestock producers can record both weights and the number of head bought or sold, and get reports which (1) display and total all quantities--something most QuickBooks reports don't do--and (2) provide extra quantity-based details like average selling prices per head and per pound, average selling weights, etc.
  • Per-unit analysis of farm enterprises. Classes are a QuickBooks feature which lets users to track income and costs for separate enterprises within the farm or ranch business. Producers tag transactions with Class names like "Corn", "Soybeans", or "Beef Cows" during normal day-to-day transaction entry. Later, they can use ManagePLUS to view Class income and expense records on a per-unit basis.
    For example, a crop producer can associate crop acreages with crop enterprise Classes to get reports showing crop sales and expenses (fertilizer, seed, herbicides, etc.) on a per-acre basis for each crop. A rancher can associate the number of cows in his beef herd with the Beef Cow enterprise Class, to see complete feed, protein supplement, mineral, veterinary, and other costs on a per-head basis.
    The production or use associated with a Class is entirely up to the user--he might analyze combine repairs and other costs on the basis of total acres harvested this year, then switch to total machine hours for the year to get an alternate view of combine costs. 
  • Common-sense report labeling:  ManagePLUS reports are easier to read and understand because quantities and other information are automatically labeled with the units you choose--"bu.", "head", "lbs.", "tons", "hours", and so on.
  • Quantity calculations:  ManagePLUS supports entering quantities in QuickBooks as spreadsheet-like formulas, which lets users store important details in their transactions. For example, bushels of corn in a truckload sold to a neighbor can be entered as:  (48290-18543)/56   ...which is the load's gross weight (48,290 lbs.) minus tare weight (18543 lbs.), divided by the per-bushel weight of corn (56 lbs.).
  • Easy "what-if" analysis:  Reports are built in ManagePLUS' own internal spreadsheet, which lets users play "what-if" by changing quantities and financial numbers right there on their actual reports, to immediately see the effect of changes on the reports' bottom line.
  • Reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel if users want to customize them even further.
All new. The new ManagePLUS version 2.0 has been re-designed "from the ground up" for more flexibility, features, and easy of use than the original version. The new ManagePLUS is shipping now.

Works simply. Unlike programs that require a lot of setup time or rigid adherence to prescribed accounting practices, ManagePLUS works with whatever QuickBooks records the user has--anything from a simple "almost-shoebox" set of basic income and expense records, to records that have a lot of Class (enterprise) detail.

Valuable in many business types. ManagePLUS' quantity-handling and reporting features are useful in any commodity-oriented business--farming, ranching, trucking, rock quarries, and others. And its per-unit analysis features are useful in any business that wants a quick, easy way to extract management information from QuickBooks transactions that have Class detail in them.

Quick facts...

$149 (US) per single-user license, or
$119 (US) to upgrade from prior versions
System requirements: Operating System:  Microsoft Windows 98 and later (including Windows Vista).
QuickBooks Version:  Pro or Premier edition of U.S. QuickBooks 2003 and later, or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 3.0 or higher.
Computer:  Any computer which can run the above QuickBooks versions can run ManagePLUS.
Free trial version: An unrestricted 30-day free trial version can be downloaded from: http://www.goflagship.com/dnloads/mpdownld.htm or can be purchased on CD for a nominal fee plus shipping.
Media type: ManagePLUS is available as a file download and also on CD.
Main product Web page: http://www.goflagship.com/products/mphome.htm
Product support:

Support is by email, Web-based user forums, and Web-based documents and videos. ManagePLUS ships with a complete online Help system.
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Crop & livestock report examples (click thumbnail image for full-size view):


About the company:  Flagship Technologies, Inc. is a developer of QuickBooks add-on and enhancement software, as well as a publisher of books and training materials for QuickBooks, managerial accounting, and related topics. The company has been in business since 1994.

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