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Articles & Information

The articles in this section are provided free of charge for the purposes of information, education, and support for the use of our software products. New articles/topics are added periodically...so bookmark this page and check back every couple months.


  Why the (QuickBooks) Desktop is Not Dead...Yet                                   

Using QuickBooks

  QuickBooks for Nonprofits: Allocating Costs to Program and Activity Classes with ManagePLUS Gold
   PDF version (3 mb.)   HTML version (quicker access)
  Do I need Quicken or QuickBooks? QuickBooks Pro or Premier? An Online version or hosted access?
  Tutorial:  The "What's" and "Why's" of QuickBooks Accounts and Classes
  Account/Category Setup Basics
  Tracking Personal Spending with QuickBooks Equity Accounts
  Getting Rid of Old Account and Class Names
  Classes as Enterprise Profit Centers and Cost Centers
  Setting Up Classes that Meet Your Information Goals
  Getting Rid of Old Account and Class Names
  Dairy:  Calculating Rolling Herd Average Milk Production with QuickBooks

The following are short excerpts from The QuickBooks Farm Accounting Cookbook™, provided as downloadable files in the popular .PDF format. (Viewing .PDF files requires a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, available FREE for downloading from www.adobe.com.) Note:  graphic images in these files should be fine for viewing on a computer screen but may not print out clearly because of data compression used to reduce file sizes.

  Pages 93-96 (102K). From Chapter 5, includes part of the topic Where to Enter Farm Expenses: ...as Checks? ...as Bills? ...as Credit Card Charges?
  Pages 104-106 (176K). From Chapter 5, includes the topic How to Deduct Cash Discounts from a Check or Bill.
  Pages 123-126 (165K). From Chapter 5, includes the topic Using Purchase Orders to Keep Track of Ordered Items.
  Pages 202-204 (225K). From Chapter 5, includes part of the topic Keeping Track of Livestock Purchased for Resale.

Using Quicken

Using ManagePLUS™

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